Refund and Returns Policy

Our Return and Refund Policy includes every condition to fulfill the requirements of our customers. All Pill Chemist prioritizes to provide the customers with the best services. The website, in any way, does not compromise the quality of logistics. However, in case of any mishap from the website’s end, you are entitled to our Return and Refund Policy when –

The product differs from what’s shown on the website

We provide you with the authentic product or initiate a refund

The product get’s misplaced/lost/damaged on the way

We make sure to replace the damaged/lost item with a new item

The product doesn’t work, and the customer is not satisfied with it.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can request a return and get your refund in the set time frame.

You are required to address all the issues within the 15 days of the purchase, after which All Pill Chemist will not be liable for any refund or return activity under this policy.

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