Glaucoma patients have been prescribed Careprost Plus Eye Drops. By increasing the flow of fluids from the patient’s eye, they reduce eye pressure, preventing blindness and other severe conditions. Additionally, it can increase the density and length of eyelashes in patients with too short eyelashes.
Glaucoma patients should apply Careprost Plus Eye Drops directly to their eyes. Pull out the lower eyelid by tilting your head back. Then one drop may be applied. If your physician directs you to repeat this procedure, do so.
You should not apply this medication directly to your eyes if you are using it to treat inadequate eyelashes. It must be applied to the upper eyelid with an applicator brush, such as the one available here. It may be applied to the upper eyelid, but not to the lower eyelid. Any solution that gets on the skin around the eye should be cleaned. The effects of this treatment on your eyelashes may take up to two months to appear.


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